Personal Testimony

When the medicine fails, and all the experts around you have given up on you, what would you do? Richard turn to Jesus and experienced the best thing in his life. 

6 months after marriage, Richard was given a ‘death sentence’ where he was diagnosed with autoimmune disease. He nearly died but he chose to turn to God and he miraculously survived the worse hit of the disease. May you also experience God’s amazing touch and love through this testimony.

当药物失败时,而你周围的所有专家也都放弃了你,你会怎么做?Richard 转向耶稣,并体验到他生命中最美好的事。

婚后6个月,Richard 就像被判处死刑一样,他被诊断患有自身免疫性疾病。当他在一次疾病的挣扎中几乎丧命时,他选择转向上帝,而他竟奇迹般地幸存下来。愿你通过这个见证,体验上帝神奇的触摸和爱。

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