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Bible Readathon
20th Jan 2018 Saturday
6am – 6pm.
We will take turns to read Bible aloud from book of Matthew – Romans, 6 books.

How to Sign up?
1. Either register individually or 4 people form a group to sign up.
2. Select the preferred time slot. Submit your form to the counter @ Eden Pavilion Ground Floor.

What will happen on the actual day ?
1. Please arrive in Galilee Hall 30 minutes before your selected time slot.

2. Check in at registration counter (Galilee Hall entrance). We will inform your designated seats.

3. The Bible will be prepared. Everyone will be reading from either NKJV or 新标点和合本, Alkitab-TB.

4. Each person will read for 5 mins. We will press the bell every 5 minutes to prompt you and let the next member take over.

Whether you are participating in reading out loud, you are welcome to join us in the Galilee Hall, anytime from 6am – 6pm