Combine Notes: Harbaugh believes within Luck,merely RGIII was aboard his radar as wellBy Andrew Luck and Jim Harbaugh,back among their Stanford days. (AP)brbrINDIANAPOLIS -- brain coach Jim Harbaugh knows a great quarterback when he sees an Why? Start with the truth that Harbaugh was a pretty good-looking signal-caller himself -- he played surrounded the NFL from 1987 amongst 2000, made a Pro Bowl, guided his and teams apt playojerseys cheapff games, and has his assign among Indianapolis' Lucas Oil Stadium amid the Colts' Ring of Honor. As a actor he's possibly best known as the fellow replaced.brbrLuck namely great,nfl nike jerseys cheap,merely RGIII is Harbaugh's 'What might have been...' (AP)In his 1st annual as San Francisco's head coach, Harbaugh minimized 's negative performance tendencies and set Smith on a path as a very unexpected journey to the NFC champinfl jerseys cheaponship game. Of course Harbaugh is best-known as the work he did with Andrew Luck at Stanford,yet as he told the media aboard Thursday, he likewise had his eye aboard Robert Griffin III behind surrounded his recruiting days.brbr"I know a lot almost Robert for we recruited Robert out of lofty teach he said. "Robert was a four.0 student, great parents, comes from a great household He has had great success by Baylor. You know, pastcheap jerseys china performance usually indicates future success, and he's had nothing but a history of success. So you would foresee great achievements within the future"brbrOf lesson RGIII didn't prefer Stanford, going apt Baylor instead. "I can't await apt find these guys and find out why they didn't come apt Stanford," Harbaugh said jokingly. "Confront 'em!brbr"I was actually fond of Robert amongst the recruiting process, and he made that decicheap nike nfl jerseyssion. I think you've always had a chance to obtain apt know Robert so far and know him a morsel He makes agreeable decisions. He makes chilly decisions. He's quite conscientious amid everything that he does, and I respected his decision and wished him well."brbrWhen asked virtually his highest noteworthy student, Harbaugh was about as effusive as he could possibly be.brbr"You ever played spades? Trump games? He's holding a lot onike nfl shopf aces within a lot of suits," Harbaugh said of Luck. "He's got always the qualities,really mentally, physically. He's as ready as anybody that you're going apt find. He's really comely How almost that an He's got a lot of aptitude.brbr"I know you're looking as bullet points but ¡­ a lot of things. What specifically? ¡­ All great. Like I said, he's an of the finest football players I've ever been nearly Is that appealing enough? Acheap nike nfl jerseysnd an even better person. One of the top-5 guys I've been around So he's equitable a delight to coach. Not going to favor playing against him. Not looking forward to that."brbrHarbaugh was likewise asked virtually being replaced according Manning, the 1st overall elect surrounded the 1998 NFL draft.brbrThe old companion wasn't a bad quarterback,both (AP)"If you're gonna be replaced by someone, that's a beautiful comely one to benfl jerseys from china replaced along isn't it? I kind of take some proud among that. I think that namely the exactly right word ¡ª remarkable. That your profession would be something that folk chat about and comment nearly And amid the history of the game, you're talking almost a quarterback whose profession aspiration be talked nearly for 50, 100 years apt come. He's been that kind of player amid the National Football League. Very remarkable. Good wnfl jerseys free shippingord."br


Dennis Balcombe was born and raised in California and found the Lord at the age of sixteen. Upon graduation from high school he attended the Assemblies of God Southern California Bible College. He was later drafted into the US army and sent to Vietnam where he served for one year. Since committing his life to Christ in 1961, he felt a strong call to China. In 1967, well on leave from his duties in Vietnam, he visited Hong Kong. This was during the height of the Cultural Revolution, which had spilled over into Hong Kong with rioting in the streets. In spite of this hopeless looking situation, Dennis felt strongly that the Lord would have him come back to Hong Kong and prepare a ministry to bless China.

In April of 1969, Dennis was discharged from the army and returned to Hong Kong. He was single at this time and immersed himself in the culture by moving into an area where there were no other foreigners. Within 8 months he had learned enough Cantonese to start a church. He remains the pastor of this church now, more than three decades later.

Revival Christian Church began in the old section of Hong Kong where there was much opposition to Christianity. The Lord blessed the work of the church and after two years nearly 100 people had found the Lord. At the end of two years, Pastor Dennis returned to the USA and married Kathy Biffell, who as the daughter of American missionaries, had been raised in Thailand. They have since had two children; both born, raised and educated in Hong Kong. Sharon, who is now also a full time missionary to Hong Kong and China (being fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English) and Michael who also lives and works in Hong Kong. Sharon married Samuel Lau, a Chinese preacher, in April 1995 at Revival Church and they have two children.

Revival church continued to grow and later moved to Kowloon. In addition to student ministry, Dennis faithfully kept the China vision before the church. For years, other than smuggling a few Bibles into the then closed “Red China” the workers could only pray and fast, trusting that this great nation would one day open. That day came in 1978 through the “Open Doors Policy” and Dennis was on one of the first tours allowed into China. Since then he has made over 500 trips into Mainland China.

Since 1988 Dennis was deeply involved in teaching the house church leaders. He previously traveled into Mainland China, usually to the same areas that the China Inland Mission missionaries went, to conduct co-worker meetings. Dennis and his co-workers would minister to several hundred preachers for up to 12 hours daily, several days in a row. Though Dennis feels that the Spiritual level of the Chinese church is high and he feels there is not much he or anyone from the outside can impart to these leaders, he testifies that they are humble and hungry for God. They want to learn from the Word of God and are open to any anointed ministry.

One of the main ministries of Revival Christian Church has been to provide Bibles and teaching materials to the tens of thousands of unregistered house churches that are scattered across China. Each year, thousands of people from around the world, have come to participate in the ministry of “Donkeys for Jesus” and have assisted in successfully bringing over 8 million Bibles and other books into China. This work continues today and each month thousands of bibles and teaching materials are brought into China and delivered into the hands of the house church leaders.

Revival Christian Church has grown to over 700 members, with several branch churches and ministry outreaches. RCC was previously active in the Vietnamese refugee camps in Hong Kong (these camps have now been closed) and has since sent teams to minister in Vietnam. There are also several other ministries that have made RCC their covering church and from here they minister to several Asian nations and to the many non-Han Chinese nationalities in China. The church also has missionaries in Japan and supports several Chinese evangelists.

In his travels Dennis has seen God perform many miracles and has gathered first hand accounts of New Testament type miracles, including the raising of the dead. He has also experienced the suffering of the Chinese church as he himself has been detained and imprisoned by the Chinese authorities. Several of his Chinese co-workers have received long prison sentences for there work as itinerant pastors and there part in Bible distribution. Some have also been martyred for their faith during the past years.

Pastor Dennis and his church are committed to Hong Kong and the Chinese people and this remains unchanged even since Hong Kong reverted to the sovereignty of China in 1997. The ministry has continued and blossomed to this very date and we believe the doors to China will continue to open much more than they already have.

Since the early 1990’s Dennis and some of his team have been heavily involved in ministry, teaching, evangelism, outreach and church planting in many nations. They spend several months of each year traveling to nations such as India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Nepal, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Romania, and several other nations.

Through the work of Revival Chinese Ministries International (RCMI) Pastor Dennis ministry has expanded to many nations around the world and several offices have been established overseas. These offices share a common vision, to strengthen the local churches, with a focus on the Chinese community and a passion to see all peoples come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.