Full Gospel Church Johor Bahru

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  • Camp Site 营会地点:Full Gospel Church JB (新山全备福音教会)
  • No 1A Jalan Anggerik 21, Taman Johor Jaya 81100, JB
  • No walk-in registration on actual day, due to limited seats. 由于场地空间有限, 恕不接受营会当天现场报名。
  • Upon registration a detailed checklist will be given. 报名时将会派发《营会须知》
  • Don’t bring any electronic devices, games, toys and valuables. If child needs to contact parents, they can borrow handphone from teachers. 不允许携带手机(任何电子产品),游戏机,玩具或贵重的财物。 若有需要孩子可通过老师的手机联络家长。
  • Registration is considered complete when both personal information and camp fee are handed in. As there are limited seats available, registration is accepted on first come first serve basis. 报名必须填写个人资料并缴付费用才算完成报名手续。名额有限, 怒不保留学额。
Enquiry 询问:
Sis Jessie 011-1087 0880
Sis Samantha 019-751 5123
Bro Pierre 016-702 7234