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Co-workers Appreciation T-Shirts

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4th Dec 2022 (Sun)

2022年 12月 4日  (日)

  1. For brothers and sisters who’ve served in 1 or more Church ministry (inclusive of leader, assistant leader & committee) during the period of year 2019-2022, YOU ARE ENTITLED TO ONE FREE T-SHIRT & DINNER FROM FGCJB.
  2. Individual can register and submit order ONLINE https://fgc.org.my/app_tshirt23_order/ If you need any assistance can also approach your ministry department person-in-charge/ cellgroup supervisor. You can also WhatsApp to us 011-1078 2992.
  3. Each person-in-charge of the ministry department/ cellgroup supervisor, kindly send your order to reception or registration counter latest by 4/12/22 (SUN). You can also email admin@fgc.org.my or WhatsApp to us 011-1078 2992
  4. NO t-shirt sizes to be replaced/ changed after confirmation of order.
  5. You can view the sample t-shirt sizes at our counter setup at the following venue and time (NOT allowed to wear).  
    Dates: 26/11 & 27/11 AND 3/12 & 4/12
    Venue: Eden Kopitiam Foyer
    Saturday 8PM – 8:30PM
    Sunday 9:30AM – 10:30AM
  6.  You can collect t-shirt from your department head from 11 Feb 2023 onwards. Everyone needs to wear co-workers t-shirt during Co-workers appreciation night on 26 Feb 2022.
  7. Co-workers appreciation night is held on 26 Feb 23 (Sun) at 5:30PM. More details will be given later.
  8. Upon arrival on 26 Feb 23 (Sun), we will distribute dinner voucher at counter at MSCP ground floor. More details will be given later.5:
  1. 凡是在2019至2022年期间有参与一项或多项事工的弟兄及姐妹(包括组长,副组长及事工委员), 你将能得到教会赠送的一件T恤和邀请出席感恩晚宴
  2. 个人可以在网上报名并提交订单 https://fgc.org.my/app_tshirt23_order/ 如果你需要任何帮助,也可以找你的事工部门负责人/区长。你也可以通过WhatsApp与我们联系 011-1078 2992。
  3. 所有事工部门及小组负责人请将订购单呈交到教会办公室接待处/注册中心。你也可以电邮给admin@fgc.org.my或whatsapp 011-1078 2992 (截止日期: 4/12/2022交上订购单).
  4. 订购单确认后T恤尺码就不能够还回/更换.
  5. T恤的尺码样本将在以下设定地点, 日期及时间摆在柜台 (不能试穿).  
    日期: 26/11 & 27/11 AND 3/12 & 4/12
    地点: 伊甸餐厅门外
    星期六 8PM – 8:30PM
    星期天 9:30AM – 10:30AM
  6. 个事工部门领袖将于2月11日领取同工T恤并且负责分发给各自团队。同工感恩晚宴 (26/2/23)必须穿这一件T恤。
  7. 同工感恩晚宴将于2023年2月26日(星期天)进行,时间:晚上5:30点。更多详情会再通知大家。
  8. 当晚(2023年2月26日),我们会在多层停车场(底层)设置柜台,分发晚餐餐卷。更多详情会再通知大家。

Registration for Appreciation T-Shirt 2023 Order is closed.

Any further enquiry can contact office (07-354 0548) or whatsapp +6011-1078 2992



如有任何疑问,请联系办公室(07-354 0548)或 whatsapp +6011-1078 2992